Corfu Beer

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The Corfu Microbrewery is situated in Arillas, in the northwestern  Corfu.

They produce four different beers:

  • Corfu Special,  a fresh red beer with velvet taste and a fruity aroma.
  • Corfu Bitter, a fresh dark beer with bitter taste and rich aroma.
  • Ionian Pilsner, a blond pilsner, perfect for on the beach.
  • Ionian Epos, a dark beer with 7,5% alcohol, refermented with flower honey.
All products are naturally fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized, using high quality ingredients. Kept only refrigerated. For the reason that these beers have only 2 months life in the bottle!
One tip:  All friends of Corfu beer are invited for a tour at the microbrewery, on Saturdays and Sundays after an appointment.
For more information visit the web site of corfu beer

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