Pontikonisi is home of the monastery of Pantokrator and  it is the white stone staircase of the monastery that when viewed from afar gives the impression of a (mouse) tail which lent the island its name: ‘mouse island’and  not because it is or was overrun with mice. It is located in the bay of Kanoni just south of Corfu Town and  is  the most photographed places in the whole of Greece. Vlacherna is the white convent with the single cypress tree.

There was a myth so say from Homer, who mentioned that Odysseus was washed ashore on mouse island, but other places all over Corfu also claim the same. Pontikonisi got the name “Mouse Island” because of the trees in the early days they vaguely resembled the shape of mice and thus its name, Vlacherna with its little convent of the Virgin Mary painted white with a single tall cypress tree is connected to the mainland by a small dam or breakwater.

If you are visiting Corfu by plane then Vlacherna and Mouse Island are the first attractions which you can see. Everybody visit them and take pictures believe me it is worth it. Also you will find  many  trips by local agency, you can rent a car or scooter and of course a good choise is by Green bus

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