Muay Thai Ionian Tournament

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Muay Thay Ionian Tournamet is coming a few days stayed and athletes from Scotland, England and Greece will travel to Corfu to face struggles in Muay Thai and MMA.
The MMA will be the first held in Corfu and indeed will be held and fight for the title (first diexagwntan match between Athinodwro and Achilles Michaelides Leontidi, but his mother had other plans and so Achilles Leontidis reason ranking in the Greek Army will lose the battle for the title and the place will get the Giorgi Papounasvili).
A fascinating tournament that will take place on June 30, 2012 at 10: 00 in Agios Stefanos Avlioton in Corfu, don’t miss it, they’re all there.perimmenoyme you.
Admission only $ 5 the program: Speech Presentation Athletes Anthem Beginning children’s Games Racing Games teen dances Dance Oriental Girls international matches Start super fight Men Main Event (Title Race) in the evening will be simmetechei and the Club Avlioton roasting kebabs for the hungry and the Corfu Beer to extinguish your thirst with local productsFinally the eirasitechniki photographic group Korfiates will assume the coverage of the games will provide you with material from the best magical evening.

You can see all the pictures of this event in this link powered by Korfiates photography

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