Beer Festival in Arillas!

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The local Brewery in Arillas together with all Arillas Associations are currently  announcing the first Beer Festival in Corfu. This year’s theme will be “Corfu Meets Bavaria”, the 5-day Festival which will take place between 9 and 13 October on Corfuat the field outside Corfu Microbrewery, in the village of Arillas.
We hope to establish it for an “every year October event” where brewers for all over the world would be invited to join the festival.
The aim of the Festival is for different peoples and cultures to meet through beer, gastronomy, music and dance. Communication, beer, gastronomy, music... All very beautiful words.
Openness will be another keyword of this October Festival! It will offer the opportunity for two different cultures to meet and travel in each other’s history. Visitors will get to know the culture, hospitality and gastronomy of Corfu through the exhibition of local products, through presentations of local recipes by local cooks and through educational seminars. This way our visitors will become ambassadors of the real Corfu!!!

On the other hand, German inhabitants of Corfu and their associations will also have the chance to introduce themselves, so that we can meet those people who have chosen to live and create on our island… Music and dance groups, as well as four brewmasters, each one with his own history, will give us a taste of Bavaria and their own traditions.

  • There will be German and Greek music-dancing associations performing on alternate nights from the early evening (19:00) until late at night. Bavarian and Corfiot traditional music-dancing associations are going to come and present their dances and take us through a journey of the culture of the homeland of Empress Sissy, who loved our island so much. At least 10 Corfu associations with their dance groups will also be with us every night in order to present with different dances and dance with us.
  • Experienced chefs will be presenting you with a taste banquet of their own modern dishes combined with those of local character and traditions. Local restaurant chefs will visit to present their special menus. You will have the opportunity to cook with them. Don’t forget your apron! Naturally we could not leave out German cuisine, so a professional chef from a German restaurant will be there in order to create one of the menus of Empress Sissy when she used to live in Achilio. So, this is your opportunity to participate in some amazing taste experiences!!!!
  • Early each morning you will have the opportunity to come to Corfu Beer Microbrewery where educational seminars will take place for both public and professionals. These seminars will take place from 10:00 a.m. until 16:00 p.m., with a break for food and coffee.Now is the time to make your reservations as places are very limited! Beer Seminars: Professional, Public Cooking Seminar, Professional, Public Olive Oil Seminars, Dance Lessons with local associations.
  • Although Corfu Beer Microbrewery has been in existence only a short time, it has already become a strong presence in the brewing industry. Now we welcome to our young brewery four brewers from four different breweries in Bavaria, Germany who have kindly accepted our invitation to show us their methods of brewing and help us to make even more tasty beers to tickle your taste buds.
    Schoppe Bräu Entlas Keller Felsenbräu Riedenburger Brauerei

The Festival will take place from 9 to 13 October 2013 in Arillas, for more information visit the official website.

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